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The US out of Syria and Afghanistan, not to mention Somalia?

How Trump can restore the chain of command: Fire the foreign-policy hacks who lied to him, and bring the troops home by Christmas.

James JeffreyNov. 23.– Looking for a coup that is succeeding? Don’t look to President Donald Trump, who is distancing himself from lawyers and apparently planning his exit. Look instead to Trump’s envoy for Syria engagement, James Jeffrey.

Jeffrey gave a valedictory exit interview to Defense One, as he was about to retire. He was astonishingly frank. And he was mostly upbeat about Trump’s foreign-policy record in the Middle East. But he was asked about Trump’s intention to withdraw all American troops from Syria, which he tweeted about and shouted down to his own national-security adviser. “What Syria withdrawal?” Jeffrey asked. “There was never a Syria withdrawal.”

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Deciphering the Truth: How to Tell Real News From ‘Fake News’

A conversation with investigative reporter Joshua Philipp.

Remember when you could turn on the evening news with little doubt that the journalists were, to the best of their knowledge, delivering the truth? Whether we were living in ignorant bliss or a more virtuous world, it sure made consuming news less stressful.

Today, of course, deciphering truth from fiction seems ever more important and challenging. World events hit closer to home than ever before, and it’s a challenge to make good decisions for the health and well-being of our families—not to mention the future of our country—if we can’t determine with confidence whether the information we’re being given is accurate.

So, how can we tell whether or not the news we’re consuming is reliable? I asked Joshua Philipp, an Epoch Times award-winning investigative reporter and the host of the show “Crossroads With Joshua Philipp,” for advice on navigating these muddy waters. Here’s what he said.

The Epoch Times: What has changed in the past few years that has so eroded our trust in the news?

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Attack on Afghanistan’s Kabul University Kills at Least 19 People

Islamic State’s local affiliate claimed responsibility, as rising violence raises questions about Kabul’s ability to secure the country. President Ghani announces day of mourning.

Gunmen stormed Afghanistan’s Kabul University as it hosted an Iranian book fair, killing at least 22 people and wounding 22 others, in the second attack claimed by Islamic State in recent weeks on an educational center in the country.

Kabul, Nov. 2.– The attack in Afghanistan’s capital on Monday, claimed by the the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL, ISIS) group, came as violence surged across the country.

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Vienna: Terrorist attack on six sites, at least one dead **

This Monday evening, several simultaneous attacks are underway in Vienna. In particular near an important synagogue.  Terrorist cought ib street security camera

Vienna, Nov. 2.– A multi-site attack is underway in Vienna, Austria. According to the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, it would be “probably a terrorist attack” . Six sites were targeted by shootings.

According to the police, who report at least one dead, and several wounded**, several shots were fired in the center of Vienna around 8 p.m. An assailant was shot dead. Local media report an attack near a major synagogue in the Austrian capital.

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Xi Jinping plots to subvert over 600 United Front organizations in the United States

  • As part of a four-month investigation, Newsweek has identified 600 community groups in the US with links to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Newsweek directly pointed out that Chinese President Xi Jinping was plotting to subvert the United States.
  • Due to Trump’s strengthening hardline policy facing China, the reason why China tends to deal with the Democratic Party is because of "Joe Biden".  Newsweek cover 10262020

Taipei, Oct.27.– The U.S. 2020 presidential election has entered the final countdown. The U.S. Newsweek also released a 4-month investigation on the 26th [yesterday].

The American polling company "Rasmussen Reports" released the latest polls. More than half of voters believe that Hunter Biden is "involved in China's Profitable scandal"; and the US "Newsweek" on the 26th also released a four-month investigation. The content directly pointed out that Chinese President Xi Jinping conspired to subvert the United States, and found that there are at least 600 Chinese United Front Organizations in the United States.

The latest issue of Newsweek in the United States is titled "Xi Jinping Conspired to Overthrow the United States – 600 Reasons to Worry about China." The author is Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a senior researcher at the German Council on Foreign Relations. According to a four-month investigation conducted by Newsweek, China's goal is to cause chaos before the US presidential election in an attempt to influence the election against President Trump.

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