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Participatory Democracy encourages citizens to be involved in governmental decisions 23 May 2023 15:13 #12933

  • Narayan Persaud, PhD
  • Narayan Persaud, PhD's Avatar Topic Author
With Guyana on a fast-paced course of development and economic success, it is not surprising that the current PPP/C government spearheading the transformation has become the target of attacks and propaganda campaigns by political opportunists envious of the progress. Opposition leaders and supporters, in recent times, seem to have discovered the concept of Shared Governance. Their recent barrage of propaganda campaigns calling for Shared Governance follow their previous claims as to why National Front Government (NFG) was essential to Guyana’s success. And, we all remember well the fraud of NFG. Today, the outcry for Shared Governance is just a new twist to the falsity of peoples’ involvement in governmental decisions just like the promises of NFG. Here is why.

The concept of Shared Governance was introduced and promoted by U.S. Colleges and Universities to involve administrators, faculty, and governing boards (Boards of Trustees) in the decision-making process to improve institutional performance. In short, it rests on the collective will of all whose interest rests in the university/college success. That is, in the achievement of a particular academic outcome. Since these separate bodies have a common vested interest in the success of their individual institution (college/university), it was not difficult to promote and foster Shared Governance. Some organizations have adopted and tailored the concept to fit their particular interests. Essential to the benefit of all sectors of the Guyanese population is Participatory Democracy, and in this regard, the current government is at the forefront. Simply put, Participatory Democracy encourages citizens to be involved in governmental decisions, that is, allowing the people to have input in issues affecting their lives.
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